Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

So a while ago, my good friend Eric, all but keeled over with excitement having watched this follow-up to Dead Snow.  Now, I’d already seen Dead Snow and really liked it.  I’d go so far as to say it’s the best Norwegian Nazi-zombie comedy-horror film out there.  It was original, crazy and genuinely funny, not to mention blood-thirsty and gruesome.

I was cautiously optimistic about the sequel, but when I saw how much Eric loved it (read his review and this will seem like understatement of the century), that’s when I got really excited.  I’m very pleased to say that Eric was absolutely right.  Dead Snow 2 is AMAZING!


They’re Nazis. Who are zombies.


Taking place directly after the events of the first film,  we re-join Martin as he makes his escape from the horde of Nazi-zombies, only to find that instead of heading back up to the mountains, they plan to continue on their rampage.   After a brilliant and hilarious opening sequence (he’s minus an arm by this point), Martin teams up with a local Goth and some crazy American kids who call themselves the ‘Zombie Squad’ in order to defeat the evil zombies.



Zombie Squad. More dynamic than they look.


This one has a slightly different feel from the first, but manages to surprise in ways that sequels don’t usually – it’s bloody good!  The tongue-in-cheek humour is still there, as are the copious lengths of human intestines, but if anything, this might be even better than the first one.

Score: 9/10

If you think this is the kind of film you might want to see, don’t watch the trailer – you’ll enjoy it more if you don’t know what’s coming.


7 responses to “Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

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  2. Yay!!!! I’m so glad this gets your thumbs up 🙂 I haven’t watched it yet but enjoyed Dead Snow a lot so I will hurry up watching this one!!!

    Great review, I love reading your stuff Laura!

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