Black Sheep

So I was wondering what film I could write about that would allow me share some dangerously cute photos I took, at a local farm last week, of the brand new lambs.  And then I hit upon this underrated little 87 minuter from New Zealand.  Brilliant – the link between the film and the lambs isn’t even tenuous because it’s actually about sheep!  Killer, flesh-eating, zombie sheep. Yeah, you heard me…


I don’t think this guy heard me

So, brothers, Henry and Angus Oldfield, have inherited the family sheep farm but Henry is terrified of the fluffy little blighters and wants nothing to do with the family business.  He returns home, following some serious therapising for his ovinophobia, to sell his share of the business to his older brother.  Naturally, his brother isn’t content with merely farming sheep, he’s dabbling in genetic engineering.  Unfortunately, what the boffins engineer are some crazed, blood-thirsty, zombie sheep.

Silly boffins

Silly boffins

That really should be enough info for you to figure out whether you might like this or not, so I’m not going to go any further into the plot (such as it is).  What I will say is that this film is very, very silly.  But it’s a good, clean fun take on the zombie outbreak story and I enjoyed the practical effects which I think are often better than having CGI everything all over the place.


Love these effects!

Score: it was never going to win any Oscars but I kind of enjoyed this.  7/10

And now, this is where I went last weekend:

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13 responses to “Black Sheep

  1. HAHAHA!!! This thing had way too much penis biting in it!!!

    Great stuff!


  2. Awwww cute fluffy sheep!!!!!

    And excellent review, I like this film too 🙂

    agree wholeheartedly about practical effects far outweighing CGI (which gets tiresome)

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