So, I was sitting there minding my own business when Eric says “Hey, did you ever see Housebound?  I think you’d love it”.  And because I live in England, and it takes about a million years for films  be available here, I only just managed to get my mitts on it.  And I can now say to Eric – so very yes!

High five, Eric!

High five, Eric!

It was worth the wait.  This film is SO GOOD.  I loved this film.  I’m buying it (if I can find it in a region 2 DVD, that is).  I can definitely see myself watching this again.

Anyway, we’re chucked right into the action from the opening scene as our erstwhile (anti)heroine Kylie attempts to rob a cash-point.  She’s consequently sentenced to 8 months on house arrest which means going back to her childhood home, where her mum and step-dad still live.  Kylie acts like a right spoilt cow.  She stomps around the house like she owns the place, eating all her mum’s food, hogging the TV, causing a mess and generally being a total pain in the arse.

housebound 2

Being that she’s on house arrest she spends a lot of time on her own, queue strange noises and a feeling that something is in the house with her…


Housebound is a real gem  of a film.  Made on a paltry budget of 350k NZ dollars according to IMDB, which is about £174k (you can’t even buy a 1 bedroom flat for that where I live), these guys have really excelled themselves.

It looks great, the acting is good, the story is intriguing.  The characters are well-drawn and believable.  There are moments of real humour as well as chills, and honest to goodness what’s-going-to-happen tension.  I thoroughly enjoyed Housebound, not least because I was so surprised that a little independent film, made with almost no budget, could be so damn good.  Well done guys.  Very well done.

Score: 9/10

Still not convinced?  Have a look here

27 responses to “Housebound

  1. Hope you will forgive me if I don’t read this properly yet – I can’t wait to watch this and I don’t want to know too much 🙂

    BUT I must ask, where did you watch this? I couldn’t find it on Netflix UK and I couldn’t find any Region 2 DVDs less than £20 😦

    I need to watch this!!!!!!!! 😀

      • Thank you SOOOO much you are an absolute star and lovely great beacon of light!

        P.S ditto with It Follows!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Hurrah! I hope you like it. Be sure to catch it soon, my friend introduced me to that site recently and warned that sometimes films get taken down. No pressure! I hope you like it (I’m sure you will).

  2. Where do you live? Where I live you can’t even buy a one bedroom flat for £400,000.

    • Bloody hell! You’re in London, aren’t you? I live in Hove. Prices aren’t as bad as London, but still out of reach. No chance of scraping together the £20-30k deposit when most of our money goes on rent and paying off student loans! Tough times.

      • I live in South West London in zone 2. Fortunately we don’t have student loans but the rent is killing us. We save £500 per month but it would take us almost 10 years to save the deposit for a 2 bed flat at current prices and I don’t want to move. I’ve lived in my borough for 10 years. It’s my home. It’s super depressing because owning a home shouldn’t be a pipe dream if you have a decent job and don’t live an extravagant lifestyle. #rant

      • I know what you mean. We both have half decent jobs in financial services (yawn!) but there’s not much left at the end of the month. It’s my student loans that really hammer me. Pretty depressing really, and I didn’t even have to pay tuition fees!

        I’m not sure how we’ll ever buy (a big win on my work’s Euromillions syndicate notwithstanding).

        Let’s hope that whoever gets in on Thursday has a sensible plan for helping FTBs that doesn’t involve further inflating house prices by just giving money away.

        To paraphrase Bob Hoskins: it’s good to rant.

    • Excellent! I’m championing this film, it deserves to get a lot of attention. What a delightful surprise it was.

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