Real Steel

In the near future boxing, as we know it, will be a thing of the past.  Instead we’ll have robot boxing.


Robot.  Boxing.

Hugh Jackman (ah, lovely Hugh) stars as Max Kenton, a washed up former boxer and struggling robot boxing promoter.  His life is complicated by the news that his ex has died, leaving behind a son.  Kenton’s son.  This allows for the obligatory selfish-dad-sees-the-light-and-bonds-with-precocious-abandoned-son shtick, as they work together to form the best damn robot boxing team on the circuit.


The film is about as daft as a film about robot boxing should be, although I can’t help thinking there could be a bit more actual robot boxing.  I guess what I’m saying is that rather than going the gritty Dredd remake route, and opting to be an out-and-out beat ’em up, this 12A (that’s PG-13 in America) offering from Dreamworks is more Robot Wars meets Annie.


There’s also a love interest, but that’s pure, unnecessary  filler (and coming in at a whopping 127 minutes, filler is something this thing really doesn’t need).  It’s kind of unforgivable for something so lightweight and unoriginal to be so bloody long.

My boyfriend nosed through the doorway while I was watching this and resolved “this is the most ridiculous film I’ve ever seen” and I’m not sure I could argue.  It’s totally stupid.  There’s Hugh Jackman, though so it’s not a dead loss.

Score: 5/10


14 responses to “Real Steel

  1. Great stuff, miss Filmnerd! I agree with you on this – it’s OK but nothing great! It’s also been a while since I’ve seen it so I don’t have anything witty to quote.


    • Haha, sorry, I should’ve included a warning for that!

      If they’d shaved 20 minutes off the run time I might have thought better of it.

  2. Human boxing isn’t particularly exciting so I am not sure adding robots would help!

  3. Summed it up very well! I liked parts of it, I think that’s mainly because it’s Hugh Jackman but it was a little different haha

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