I vote for Game of Thrones

So, today is the big day.  After weeks of relentless campaigning by the various political parties, after all the scare-mongering, the party election broadcasts, TV debates, selfies and bacon sarnies…

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…now’s the time.  We get to vote.

It’s a very serious matter, but it does feel a bit like this…

I’m looking forward to putting my X on that little piece of paper.  And I hope that everyone who is eligible to vote will also make the (very minor) effort it takes to have their say, too.  Please:


I’m off to the polling station now.  And for my friends outside the UK, this might help you understand what it’s all about…

12 responses to “I vote for Game of Thrones

    • No lolly and today we’ve woken up to a fucking tory government for another 5 years. Genuinely gutted and very worried about proposed cuts to public sector. Sad times

      • Sounds like some serious bullshit. I live in a country that voted for an imbecile (twice) who basically promised free money to people who don’t work for a living as long as they vote for him. And I didn’t get a fucking lolly either.

      • We can keep calm and carry on and focus on what we can do to help each other while we have a government that only want to help itself.

      • Well said. I definitely feel like I need to do more than simply wait for the next election on five years. Shirt. Five years is such a long time.

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