Rec 4

I loved the Rec trilogy (it made it to #5 on my first Halloween favourites list).  I loved Rec.  I loved Rec 2.  I even loved Rec 3 which most people thought was a load of old shit.  It’s no surprise then, that I was looking forward to Rec 4.

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This time instead of an apartment building or a wedding, events take place on board a ship.  Angela, the TV reporter from Rec and Rec 2 has been quarantined aboard as a group of scientists attempt to establish the origin and cure for the deadly, demonic virus.

There's nothing like a good horror heroine

There’s nothing like a good horror heroine, even if the franchise is waning

The production values are solid, and the effects are decent as is the acting.  Hats off to the film makers for attempting to keep the franchise alive by doing something different with it, but overall it’s not a great addition to the series.  There are some good moments, I particularly like the bit with the cook.  The on-board tech-bod, Nic, also provided some lighter, fun moments.

Angela with Nic

Angela and Nic

It’s a real shame that Rec seems to have gone off the boil when it started so well, that said, I’ll probably carry on watching them as long as they carry on making them.  For me, it started to go a bit screwy when they introduced the religious element.  I’m not sure it really adds anything, or helps the story along.  A plain old virus would be sufficient for me.  But…even at their worst these films are still a load better than so much of the horror output that genre fans end up suffering.  Hardcore Rec fans are probably the only ones who’re going to enjoy this.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Score: 6/10

34 responses to “Rec 4

  1. OK – I’ll probably tell you this again in our lives but – this is why I love you – Rec 3 is a good fucking movie!!! XOXOXO

    I liked this one too but I think I might have liked it more than you did. Either way – YOU ROCK!

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  3. Great review Laura!! I haven’t seen REC 3 (or this one) but to be honest your review makes me want to!!! I love following film franchises (AND Made in Chelsea – haha!) to the end as well, it becomes fun waiting for the next film! They’ve done well making two brilliant films and what I imagine to be two (at the very least) substantial movies too 🙂

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