Remember when Luc Beson was awesome?  Remember Leon?  One of the BEST FILMS ever made.  Well, Lucy is a long way from that.


Leon: one of the best films ever made


The basic premise for anyone who hasn’t seen it, demands that we believe the fallacy that humans only use 10% of their brains.  Once you’ve suspended your disbelief, it might be easier to accept that a street drug has been created that unlocks the brain’s full potential, allowing the user to access the other 90%.  You might be able to further suspend your disbelief that this doesn’t only turn you into a super-boffin-hyper-intelligent-mega-brainiac.  POTENTIAL SPOILER: it also makes you psychic and super-strong; gives you telekinetic powers; gives you power to control electronic devices and allows you to shape-shift and…well, that bit at the end?  I don’t even know what that was.  END SPOILER.

What the shit was Beson smoking when he came up with this?  I don’t think it was anything that enhances your brain-power, that’s for sure.

Anyway, Scar-Jo plays the titular Lucy.  She’s an American student in Taiwan who ends up as a drug mule, forced by Min-sik Choi (legendary star of the absolutely wonderful Oldboy) to smuggle the new drug back home to America.  When the package leaks into her system she begins to change, rapidly developing astounding, super-human abilities.


Scar-Jo is straight-faced and totally deadpan throughout, with a detached other-worldly air.  She’s cold and unrelenting and seems utterly devoid of emotion as she shoots and kills her way across continents.  But this makes Lucy feel one-dimensional which is unfortunate when you see how similar qualities worked so well in Under the Skin.

You know she means business because she's holding her gun sideways

You know she means business because she’s holding her gun sideways

Johansson is good and the visual effects are solid, and while Lucy starts well, it soon descends into absurdity.  Towards the end I’m not sure I had any idea what was going on, but honestly, I didn’t really care.

Nobody else is really given very much to do which is a shame when you consider what Min-sik Choi is capable of.  Oh, Morgan Freeman’s in it too.

Score: 6/10

36 responses to “Lucy

  1. The Fifth Element was a good silly, but still fun Besson movie. This was not either of those. Plus once your basically god like, whose going to be your villain. She should have fought Ultron or Thanos.

    • EXACTLY! Why couldn’t she just use her super powers to obliterate them all? Pff.

      And yes, you’re right. The Fifth Element was good too, I really enjoyed it and have seen it a few times. The daftness totally works, not least because it’s pitched as genuine and kind of outlandish science fiction.

      Lucy just asked too much of me – I can’t suspend my disbelief that far if it isn’t even going to try to make sense.

  2. HA HA, my good friend! I didn’t think this movie was too bad. I’m currently watching La Femme Nikita and I’m not loving it. The music is absolutely atrocious….

    P.S. Leon is my favorite movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s because Leon is amazing and you are the best.

      I think I’ve seen Nikita but don’t really remember it. Beson sure has a chequered history.

      • I finished Nikita today and…… it was OK. It’s VERY 90s which needs to be changed. They need to strip all of the music and style from that movie and start over. And – you are the best!

      • I think it was called Point of no Return over here and it had Jane Fonda’s kid. I don’t remember it being very good….

    • Ha! I should have mentioned the bit at the end where she says about life and “now you know what to do with it”. No we really don’t!

      • Now we know not to date shady people who will lure you into a scheme where you’ll be used as a mule to illegally transport a drug that will turn you into God.

  3. I’ve been curious about this film for ages but reviews like yours keep me from watching it. You’re doing me a favour I guess, but can this really be so bad?

    • Ha! I’ve seen worse, but I can’t recommend it. That said, I enjoy bad films, so it was worth watching in that context.

      • If you like bad movies, do watch Lifeforce, its the Mother Of All Bad Movies, endlessly rewatchable. Or if you have seen it, what did you think?

      • No, I haven’t seen that one but will definitely put it on my watch list. Thanks for the recommendation.

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