The Guest


Starring a bloke from that programme I’ve never watched (Downton Abbey) and that girl from It Follows, The Guest is an uneven but somewhat enjoyable slice of daft action nonsense.

The Downton Abbey bloke, David, arrives at the home of the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their soldier son who died in action.  They tentatively welcome this complete stranger into the home they share with their hot teenage daughter Anna and youngest son, Luke.  Hilarity does not ensue.  As everyone apart from ma and pa Peterson would expect, David isn’t quite what he seems.  Anna is suspicious of their new house guest, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Not exactly Miss Marple

Not exactly Miss Marple

The Guest begins well, and seems to take itself just about the right level of seriously but as it goes on, the tone shifts and it gets pretty silly.  It’s one of those where you’ll be shouting at the screen horror-movie-style: “no, don’t go in there!”.  That said, there’s a likeable cast, there’s a great 80s style synth soundtrack and the guy from Downton is having so much fun that it’s hard not to be swept along.  He’s got a pretty decent bod, too.



I also really liked the scene in the school, perhaps because anything involving a hall of mirrors always reminds me of the iconic scene from Orson Welles’ The Lady From Shanghai…

Clip includes SPOILERS for The Lady From Shanghai

OK, where was I? Right, yeah well The Guest is quite good fun, if silly.  The major silliness comes towards the end by which point I’m all Liz Lemon…

liz lemon

Score: a hokey but fun 6.5/10

16 responses to “The Guest

  1. Nice review, you couldn’t resist putting that shirtless pic in could you? I have yet to see this one but people keep telling me I should.

    • Ah, Vinnie, you got me! Would you believe me if I said it was the first photo I happened upon?

      To be fair he’s a good looking man. And having read about how he dropped a load of weight for that crappy Liam Neesom film (Tombstones) after Downton, and then had only two months to bulk up for The Guest, I thought it only right to highlight his achievement ; )

      Anyway, The Guest isn’t exactly a modern classic but there’s enough in there to make it worth a watch.

  2. The Guest does become very silly. Almost too silly for me. That girl from It Follows is Makia Monroe, and I look forward to more movies she is in. As for the main dude in this flick. This is a warning for girls who are attracted to guys with great bods, They may be psychopaths.

    • I think Monroe might be one to watch. As for hot bods, they’re good on screen but in the real world I’m a big fan of normal! It’s better to just have fun than worry about your waistline all the time. That level of vanity is disturbing, not to mention off-putting.

  3. Well to quote the great Bill Murray in “Groundhog’s Day”.. “I have a great body and I go for days without having to look in a mirror”. I don’t like women who work on their appearance to try and please what a man thinks is attractive. I want them to do it because they are happy with how they look for themselves and themselves only. You have to live with it for the rest of your life. Us men we are only just visitors

  4. I loved this film! Loads and loads and loads.

    Particularly the bar fight, I love seeing bullies get their justice.

    For me it was David that made the film, I actually fell in love with him a bit. Not Dan Stephens!! Just David. Swoon.

    I agree it got silly though. When that black dude at the end died and fell through the silver, glittery paper I was actually really laughing. My brother didn’t get it, but I just thought it was really funny lol.

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