Here’s a little bit of stuff over at my dear friend Eric’s site, The IPC

He’s a big deal around these parts so, if you don’t already follow him, you really should. His site is strange and funny and there are loads of other cool dudes you can hang out with, too.


P.S. Look out for another little IPC/filmnerd collaboration coming your way tomorrow…

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

HARDANCEThere’s not much of a theme here today other than here are two movies that I absolutely hated…. let’s see what happens….

HIGH ART (1998)HIGHART!A Young and Leggy Radha Micthell gets her gay on and her clothes off in this art house movie about drugs and photography. Ally Sheedy is an angry lesbian who lives upstairs. Her bathtub is leaking so Mitchell goes up there without a bra but with a monkey wrench and fixes it. Along the way they fall in love and Sheedy’s dope-dealing ex-girlfriend ODs.HIGHART3This movie was totally stupid and not my thing but I did get to see most of Patricia Clarkson’s boobs. This movie can go overdose itself into the next lifetime. “This is a really good movie!!!” Said no one, ever.HIGHART2

IT (1990)ITSK1Did this REALLY scare you as a kid?ITSK2Seriously??


And that is your latest from the Half Ass Reviews division of…

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