Side by Side


This is good, old-fashioned, interview-based documentary where Keanu Reeves* discusses film-making with a variety of directors and other behind-the-scenes artists who make movies happen.


It looks at the history of film-making, the recording, editing and visual manipulation techniques, how things have changed over the years, and how they’re still changing.


One of the main focuses here is the introduction of digital recording equipment and the effect it’s had on the film-making process, as well as the likely impact it’ll have in the future.


Essentially, the main question: what’s best, traditional photochemical film or digital?  But more than that, is there space for both?  Will it be possible to resist the digital revolution?


There are some big names here including Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and George Lucas but unfortunately there’s no Tarantino or Spielberg.  That said, there’s a lot of interesting information about the intricacies of film-making, and the pro-film and pro-digital viewpoints are both well represented.


Side by Side is definitely worth watching especially, if like me, you love films.

Score: 7/10

*Images within this post are not from Side by Side, but instead, are of Keanu Reeves.  Because, Keanu.

9 responses to “Side by Side

  1. What can I say? I’m not much of a documentary guy but I believe in you. I think the best thing for me today is that WordPress is displaying your review of The Traveler in your “related posts” and I can’t stop looking at fat Val Kilmer. He looks like a gray squash.



    • It’s worth a watch, there’s some interesting stuff here but it’s not the most groundbreaking doc you’ll ever see.

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