Here’s my summer Shitfest entry: Shitfaced Shitfest: The Happening. Thanks as always to my good friend Eric at the excellent IPC for letting me stink up his brilliant site with my drunken ramblings on this turgid nonsense.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions





WARNING: this post contains spoilers and bad language throughout. Anyone who is sensitive to bad acting, bad dialogue and shitty storylines should proceed with caution.

So, last weekend I went for a walk with my young man in the beautiful Sussex countryside. We started out at the Jack and Jill windmills in Clayton. Some of you movie buffs might be familiar with this piece of shit:


The windmill of the title is Jack. Unfortunately, he’s lost his head…


Anyway, I digress, from here we walked onwards and upwards, over rolling hills when I saw a vast field of long grass blowing in the wind, in waves. It was eerie. It reminded me of something…


Ding! At this moment, I knew I’d found my perfect Shitfest entry: The Happening. The M. Night Shyamalan shit-bomb also know as The Happening. And why not? By this point M. Night Shyamamalamaman was…

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