Devil Week with The IPC: The Devil Inside

Devil bannerSo here we are.  My first post of the first ever Devil Week, hosted by yours truly, and Awesome Eric over at The IPC.  Every day this week we’ll be posting our thoughts on a selection of movies with ‘devil’ in the title.  And so it begins…

The first film with the word ‘devil’ in the title, is this turgid piece of crap.  Shaky-cam gubbins at its most tedious and gubbinsy.  The story, if you want to be generous and call it a story, is of a young woman whose possessed mum  is being held in isolation, in Rome, following the murder of two priests and a nun.

Possessed or not, she doesn't look great.

Possessed or not, she doesn’t look great.

The girl, whose name I can’t remember, goes to Rome to find out what happened and to try to see her mum for the first time since the murders which occurred when she was a child.  She takes a guy, whose name I can’t remember, with her because hand-held cameras.

The girl at the centre of this crappy film.

The girl at the centre of this crappy film.

The girl and her shaky-handed cameraman find a pair of young priests who do exorcisms on the sly, and follow them around for a bit because… umm… because this is a devil movie, I guess.

Distractingly English priest

Distractingly English priest

We get to see another possessed woman who does all kinds of weird contortionist business which is really gross, but impressive, and that makes for just about the most exciting part of the film.

devil inside

The Devil Inside is slow, boring and essentially pointless.  It meanders for, however long the run-time is, towards an utterly irritating conclusion.  Seriously.  It pissed me right off.  All that time waiting for something interesting to happen and, fucking hell, it just cuts to black.  Up yours, The Devil Inside!  What a waste of time!


Score: 1 set of devil horns out of 10 for being totally pointless

Tune in again for more devil-related nonsense tomorrow.  Not satisfied?  Can’t wait?  Want more devil now?  You’re in luck… why not go and see what devilish business is going on over at Eric’s place?

33 responses to “Devil Week with The IPC: The Devil Inside

  1. Terrible movie. It’s shit like this and The Last Exorcism that puts me off modern movies of this type of genre.

    Great review Laura, happy #DevilWeek 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Dearest fn,

    I KNOW this movie is shit but I didn’t hate it as much as everyone else. I hated The Last Exorcism 2 more than anything.

    Happy start to Devil Week!!! YOU RULE!!!




    • Dearest ei,
      Yes, that one was truly shitty but this one pissed me off because it thought it was good, and then it just fucking ended!!!

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone on this! I was so pissed of when it just ended. I mean, I know making a film is hard, but if you’ve got a story… and you’ve gone to all the trouble of making it… make an ending, too!

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