Devil Week with The IPC: Devil

Devil bannerWelcome back!  It’s day two of our first ever Devil Week and I’ve got a beauty for you today.  When you’ve had your fill, here, be sure to check out Eric’s take on Devil Times Five, and see what devilly stuff the rest of you have been up to.



But first, there’s this.  So this one starts with a suicide, which is handy because it means there’s already a reason for the police to be on site when things really get going, and the cop in question helps to drive the story.

Most of the film takes place in the lift and the CCTV control room, so it’s not the most exhilarating film in terms of location and setting.

That said, this means they could spend their limited budget elsewhere, like umm, the dramatic music?  Which, by the way, is simultaneously tense and amusing.  I’m not sure it’s meant to be funny, though.

As for the actual plot, what we’ve got here is a group of people stuck in the lift of a high-rise office block.  It’s quite a neat little thriller that could keep you guessing if the narration over the top of the opening credits hadn’t explained exactly what’s about to happen.


SPOILER ALERT: the CCTV control room guy is the narrator for some reason and basically tells you that one of the people stuck in the lift is the devil, and everyone’s going to die.  Thanks for that, CCTV control room guy.  END SPOILER.

Unfortunately, there's a distinct lack of Tim Curry

Unfortunately, there’s a distinct lack of Tim Curry

Devil feels like a stretched out episode of The Twilight Zone, although the people who made this one had the good sense to keep is short, at just 75 minutes long.  The result isn’t that bad, but it’s probably not one that most of you will want to rush out and watch.  Plus the end is totally predictable.

Score: 6 cloven hooves out of 10

Tune in again for more devil-related antics tomorrow.

Not satisfied?  Can’t wait?  Want more devil now?  You’re in luck… why not go and see what devilish business is going on over at Eric’s place?

13 responses to “Devil Week with The IPC: Devil

  1. My Dearest fn,

    I quite liked this except for that asshole preachy ending. Great post!



    P.S. #devilweek #moredevil

    • Dear ei,
      I agree, that was unnecessary and out of place. Screw that!
      P.S. #firsteverdevilweek #moredevil

  2. Another nice Devil review, Laura! We feel the same about this one too, it seems. This was…. Fine. I agree that at least they kept it short. Would’ve made a great Twilight Zone episode!

  3. I actually enjoyed this! Nothing special (totally agree really) but it was fine to watch. I’m sure M. Night Shyamabollocks wrote this so for him post-1999 it was pretty good!

    I forgot the CCTV guy narrated it lol. And boo on no Tim Curry!

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