Devil week: The House of the Devil

Devil bannerDevil Week continues here and over at The IPC, go and check out day three’s post for more devil-related goodness.  But first…

I really liked this one.  The first thing I liked, nay, loved about this one is the awesome vintage styling.  It just looks so authentic.  The hair, the clothes, the cars, the music, the little details like the old-school phone… all excellent.


The lead actress was very likeable even though she didn’t have that much to do, for most of the film, apart from hang around the house.  Oh, I forgot to tell you what it’s about, didn’t I?  Well, basically Samantha is a hard up student who reluctantly takes a babysitting job for a creepy dude on the night of a lunar eclipse.  So, babysitting all night means she doesn’t have much to do, but that doesn’t matter.


Her best friend is played by Greta Gerwig, who everyone seems to love, so I guess that’ll earns extra points.


But for my money it’s Tom Noonan (yep, the original Francis Dollarhyde) and the prolific Mary Woronov who really shine as the creepy couple who hire the young babysitter.

This is an excellent homage to the classic (and not always that good) devil movies of the 1970s and 80s, which preyed on people’s fears of satanic cults, devil worship and human sacrifice.  Really, what’s not to like?

Umm, actually, I wasn’t mad keen on the ending but I appreciate that it’s totally in keeping with the type of film Ti West (yeah, it’s one of his) was trying to rework.  I think the stingy IMDB score of 6.4 is a bit shit but then these are the same people who put X-Men: Days of Future Past in the 250 best films ever*, so, you know.

Score: 7.5 satanic rituals out of 10

*Yeah, I quite liked it.  I like all the X-Men movies but top 250 of all time?  Nah.

Tune in again for more devil-related nonsense tomorrow.

Not satisfied?  Can’t wait?  Want more devil now?  You’re in luck… why not go and see what devilish business is going on over at Eric’s place?

19 responses to “Devil week: The House of the Devil

  1. Hey dear Laura!! I love this review, awesome for Devil Week!

    And I felt exactly the same way 🙂 I enjoyed the film a lot, I liked Samantha (“get a grip”) and her mad hair flick friend and Tom Noonan and the wife etc.

    BUT…..I didn’t love the ending. To me it seemed a little dumb but then I’m a nobody sitting inside an office so….you know! Lol.

    Days of Future Past? Tsk. It’s all about First Class….!


    • Lovely Emma! Yeah, I know what you mean. There’s so much to like about this one, but I didn’t love the ending either. I too am sitting in a boring old office though, so, yeah, what do we know?!

      Long live x-men (but probably not in the top 250)!

  2. I loved this film because it looked like it was made in the 70’s rather then just be set there. The ending is great and I kind of want to see a sequel Great post

    • Yes, it looked SO GOOD, spot on styling. I wasn’t crazy about the ending but appreciate it’s in keeping with the 70s style. And yes – I’d love to see a sequel!

  3. I’m personally a big fan of Ti West. I liked this one a lot, most of all because it was such a slow burn. Plus the look was indeed excellent, and I always love Tom Noonan. I think this film plays off that whole ‘Satanic panic’ social freak out decades ago really well.
    On a slightly related note: not many people I know like it, but have you ever seen The Roost by Ti West? Also features Noonan in a retro local cable-like horror show. I picked it up on DVD awhile ago and enjoyed the hell out of it.

    Dig the review!! Great pick for devil-centric horror.

    • Thanks so much for popping over. I really liked this one. Haven’t seen The Roost, but looks like it might be my kind of thing so will try to check it out. I really liked The Innkeepers, so am open to more of his stuff.

  4. Great review, Laura! We seem to agree on this one. 🙂 And X-Men: Days Of Future Past – that’s SO not worthy of the Top 250!!!! Ugh. People are idiots sometimes. Anyway, I liked this one a lot too. Also not crazy about the ending but liked all the rest. 🙂

  5. Dear fn,

    This movie rules!! So does this post!! So does Devil Week!! So do YOU!!!



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