Devil Week with The IPC: Devil Girl from Mars

So here we are, the end of our first Devil Week.  Some of the films Eric and I chose have been better than others, but overall, we’ve had a blast and I hope you guys have, too.

Here’s a little reminder of what we’ve seen:

Monday – I Saw the Devil & The Devil Inside

Tuesday – Devil Times Five & Devil

Wednesday – Devils Racecourse & House of the Devil

Thursday – Devil Seed & Devil’s Tower

Friday over at The IPC – Baba Yaga Devil Witch
My final pick is a little British number from 1954.  Black and white and very low budget, this charming little film comes in at a mere hour and 16 minutes.

Events take place at a quiet little hotel in the middle of nowhere, late at night.   The staff and punters are pottering around in the bar when a strange noise grabs their attention…


Of course, that’s the Martian Devil Girl of the title, landing her flying saucer (it was a flying saucer, this was the 50s).  Her motivation for crossing space to arrive at this piddling little place?  If you want to watch this film, and you want it to be a surprise, skip ahead…  Still there?  Well, she’s here for men!  Mars has a shortage and they need to continue the species.  She wants to take some men back home to Mars.

Come to Mars with me and have Martian babies!

Come to Mars with me and have Martian babies!

For some reason the stick in the mud men (and I think she could do better than this sorry lot, anyway), aren’t keen on going to Mars to be used as sex slaves.


Obviously Martian Devil Girls have mind control powers

To be honest, I don’t know why these pesky Earthlings gave the Martian Devil Girl such a hard time.  I mean, it’s quite a good opportunity, isn’t it?  You get to travel, and shag.  Throw in some beer and steaks and I’d think that would be a pretty appealing offer.


You probably shouldn’t piss her off, though.

I get the feeling I wasn’t meant to empathise with the Martian Devil Girl, I think I was meant to hope the absurdly well-spoken 1950s tea obsessives (there were multiple mentions of tea drinking), would win out.  That the men-folk wouldn’t have to fly through space and impregnate the Martian women with half-human babies.  Well, you know what, I don’t think that sounds so bad.

Score: 6.5 pointy devil tails out of 10

11 responses to “Devil Week with The IPC: Devil Girl from Mars

    • Yeah, I liked it. I don’t suppose it was going to win any awards but it was kind of fun. I wish the alien had come out on top. Stupid earthlings.

  1. Dearest fn,

    Sounds lovely! THANK YOU for co-hosting Devil Week with me!! I had a blast!! I hope you did too –




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