Films with Friends: Headhunters (2011) with table9mutant

I had a chat about Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters with the lovely Mutant. Why not go and have a look?

Cinema Parrot Disco

I watched Norwegian film Headhunters on Filmnerdblog Laura’s recommendation & we decided to have a little chat about it. You can read our chat below (we did try to avoid any major plot spoilers).

Thanks for doing this with me Laura – it was lots of fun! And it was a great recommendation, too. 🙂

Headhunters (2011)

Directed by Morten Tyldum

Based on Hodejegerne by Jo Nesbø

Starring: Aksel Hennie, Synnøve Macody Lund, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Eivind Sander, Julie Ølgaard

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)
A successful but insecure corporate recruiter lives a double life as an art thief to fund his lavish lifestyle. He finds out that one of his job prospects is in possession of a valuable painting and sets out to steal it.

Our Chat: (I’m “M”, Laura is “L”… Obviously!)

M: Hi! 🙂

L: Mutant!

M: I have Headhunters on in the background…

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21 responses to “Films with Friends: Headhunters (2011) with table9mutant

  1. Dear fn,

    I thought I might have heard of this but it doesn’t look familiar… I’ll have to check it out….



      • A crappy horror film that we can laugh at maybe? What about The Happening? I’ve never seen that one just heard about how bad it is

      • I watched it for shitfest – there’s no way I can watch that shit again! Any other thoughts?

      • Ahhh, thats right! Hmmmmm. How about ‘Clown’? Its about a man who finds an old clown costume in his basement…. BUT HE CAN’T GET IT OFF AGAIN!!! :S ahhhhh!

      • Sorry to be so slow, the WP app is a nightmare and I haven’t been on my laptop.

        I’ve seen Clown but wouldn’t mind watching it again, although it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. Do you want to try and watch it at the same time, or watch it and chat later? I found the latter method easier!

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