Movie prop exhibition – London

On Friday I went to London’s Southbank for a day of eating, drinking and sight-seeing.  While I was there I popped to the IMAX for a gander at some of the movie props and costumes up for auction on 23rd September.

I was in full nerd mode, and took pictures of lots of the items.

Look at this monstrosity – how scary is that?  Honestly, this clown – from the original Poltergeist – is partly responsible  for my coulrophobia.  This disembodied Poltergeist hand is pretty creepy, too.

Christopher Reeves’ babygrown could set you back 30K.  Or you could go for one of these Dredd helmets from the 2012 film, starring the rather lovely Karl Urban.

Everybody love the Back to the Future trilogy, don’t they?

I really liked this miniature from Labyrinth and these knick knacks from The Dark Crystal…

And for the soppy romantics among you, here’s the notebook from The Notebook.


And for the sci-fi nerds…

Costumes worn by Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe in Gladiator


13 responses to “Movie prop exhibition – London

  1. These are awesome!!! I love London’s Southbank – I was there a few weeks ago. Would love to have seen these! OMG… That clown!!!!!! And Labyrinth TOTALLY rules. I saw some of Bowie’s props from that when I went to that David Bowie Is exhibition a couple years ago. 🙂

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