What I told my friend about Macbeth



This isn’t a remotely Halloweeny post, but I went to see Macbeth on Friday and wanted to keep it timely.  I went to the beautiful Duke of York’s in Brighton.  It’s a truly lovely building and it gladdens my heart that it’s still going strong after more than 100 years.  I like to support the venue, and it’s sister cinema The Duke’s at Komedia, and I hope they both go on for another 100 years, and beyond.  Here it is, then and now…

But I digress.  I mentioned on Facebook that I was seeing Macbeth on Friday and a friend asked my opinion. Here’s my reply:

Excellent, haunting visuals plus dramatic music both create atmosphere.

Strong performances particularly from Fassbender and Cottilard, as expected.

Considine criminally underused.

Shakespearean dialogue sometimes took me out of the moment because I was working so hard to understand it. Tbf that’s not really the fault of the film makers, it was just hard to remember in detail a play I’d read more than 20 years ago!


It won’t kill you to wait for it to come out on dvd but if you do see it at the cinema you’ll feel like you got some good culture in your brain.

In addition to that, I feel I should mention Sean Harris.  You know that guy who pops up in loads of things, but you never know his name?  Yeah, him.  But then, like Cotillard, Fassbender and Considine, he’s always good.


So yeah, that’s that, then.


11 responses to “What I told my friend about Macbeth

    • Thanks, Emma!

      He is one of those, isn’t he? I looked him up on the credits at the end, but still couldn’t remember and had to look it up again. He’s a very good character actor.

    • It’s a lovely venue, and you’re right, even better for a period film. I hope you enjoy the film when you get to see it.

    • Thanks. I always find this cinema enhances the experiences, I just love the history, and it was very fitting for this particular film.

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