Movie Music Mondays: You’re Next

Sticking with a horror theme for the month of October (I love to watch endless horror movies year round but feel justified at this time of year!), this one has no personal meaning, unlike some of my other choices.  It’s just a really good song, used to brilliant effect in a really good horror film.

What a refreshing slice of something different this movie was when it came out.  A home invasion movie with a viciously different little twist and a deliciously tough heroine, in Aussie actress Sharni Vinson.  You’re Next isn’t the best movie ever, but it is a solid addition to the horror canon, with a strong female lead.  And who can argue with that.

There’s a particularly striking scene where this song plays, which I won’t describe, because it’s worth seeing for yourself.  The song in question is one I’d never heard of, Dwight Twilley’s Looking for the Magic.  Brilliant.

As a bonus the trailer song works extremely well, too.

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