6 body horrors to consider for Halloween night


Horror is totally my bag.  I friggin’ love it.  But I’m not mad on anything too gross.  Somehow, though, I found these gross-out body horrors to be strangely compelling and actually kind of enjoyable.

American Mary

Katharine Isabelle is absolutely wonderful in this macabre tale of a young medical student who turns to unorthodox methods in order to make a few extra bucks.


Possibly the grossest one on the list, it doesn’t have the best production values or the best story but I couldn’t not watch to the end.  In a nutshell it’s about a neurotic, struggling young actress who develops a compulsion to eat her own flesh.

The Fly

You can’t have body horror without David Cronenberg, and this one is a true classic.  That transformation…[shudder]  Poor old Brundlefly.

The Thing

Obviously I’m talking about the 80s sci-fi excellentness that was John Carpenter’s film.  Not the soulless and unnecessary remake starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and featuring that nipples guy from Community.  That one was just shit.


So, alien slug-parasites that turn their hosts into zombie creatures, and mutants?  And Nathan Fillion?  I’m in!


Talk about unique!  I’ve talked about this one before.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?


34 responses to “6 body horrors to consider for Halloween night

  1. Great choices, Laura! The Thing, The Fly & Slither were the top three in my list last week so I clearly agree with those. lol 😉 I also really liked Teeth! I gave it an honorable mention. I may be too wussy for the other two, though…

  2. Excellent suggestions Laura! ESPECIALLY………Brundlelfy! Mwahahahaha (evil laugh)

    I’ve not seen Eat, it does sound a bit gross. LOVED American Mary! I thought that Betty Boop woman with the foul mouth (don’t be a c*** dear) was hilarious.

    I enjoyed Teeth but I didn’t find it THAT memorable. The premise was awesome though and I enjoyed the dark comedy (like the willy on the cave floor). I didn’t like how she turned into some silly sex minx though, it didn’t tie up really. I’m a bit of a stickler for stuff like that.

    And her step-brother looked like Michael Jackson.

    • They do get pretty gross. American Mary is probably my favourite as it’s not just gross, it’s a really compelling story and an intriguing female character.

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