9 more scary kids

A while back I did a post on scary kids in films and do you know what?  Kids are so scary that I was able to rustle up another list for you!  If you weren’t convinced the first time, here are 10 more scary kids…

Gage Creed – Pet Sematary

Look at that adorable face.  Couldn’t you just eat this kid up?  Well, maybe you could if he didn’t get there first.  He might look like the cutest thing since a wicker basket full of kittens, who’ve been fed on nothing but marshmallows, so their farts smell of strawberry flavoured clouds, but he’ll eat your fucking face off!!!


Dylan – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Well, lookie what we have here… watching Wes Craven’s New Nightmare the other evening I couldn’t shale the feeling I’d seen the kid in it somewhere before.  I was right.  Dylan, Heather Langenkamp’s son in the uniquely meta New Nightmare was played by none other than Gage Creed of Pet Sematary fame.  Still adorable a few years after that film, this little actor was able to switch to scary little shit in the blink of an eye.


Cole Sear – The Sixth Sense

What could be scarier than a child who claims to see dead people?  Umm, nothing.


Esther – Orphan

What could be more fulfilling than providing a stable, loving home to an orphan child?  Not many things, probably.  It’s a shame then, that that’s not what Vera Formiga and Peter Skarsgaard have actually done, here.


Lilith Sullivan – Case 39

Another long-hired little girl and another adoption from hell.  Hardly the best film ever committed to film (or memory card) but worth a look for the scary brat alone.


Liz – The Hole (2001)

Teenagers are awful.  That is all.


Miles – The Innocents

The ultimate creepy child, Miles really is every babysitters worst nightmare.


Jacob – A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child

A right creepy little shit, this one.  He turns up in our heroine’s nightmares to drop cryptic clues and just generally be creepy.


Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist

Pea soup, anyone?  Anyone?  No?  Suit yourself.




9 responses to “9 more scary kids

  1. Miles from the Innocents is very scary indeed, or rather very eerie, in an inexplicable way. Who always has been giving me nightmares and not on your list is young Christina Ricci, for example, from the Addams Family – omg, what a creepy little girl she was.

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