Poltergeist (2015)

Hi, my name’s Laura and I actually thought the Poltergeist remake was pretty ok.  There.  I’ve said it!  It really does feel like a confession because there’s so much hate for this film.  And I get it.  The original 1982 film, written by Steven Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper, is a horror classic.  And I love it.

Aaaaargh!  Not another bloody remake!

Aaaaargh! Not another bloody remake!

There’s no denying that remaking such a film is a risky move.  A lot of people are going to hate it just because it’s a remake.  And that’s fine.  Some people don’t like remakes.  Sometimes (a lot of times) I don’t like remakes.  But, if you’re going to watch them, you have to keep an open mind.


Fast forward to 2015

While this latest version can’t help but be inferior to the original (as it was always bound to be), it’s not a complete dead loss.  They kept a lot of the original story but switched up enough of the action to make it feel likes it’s (almost) its own film.  Some of the ‘haunting’ sequences are different this time, and some of this worked really well.  Some of the changes – the use of modern technology, for example – are a little contrived, but hey, this is remake territory, people.

They had to keep the clown.  Clowns are THE scariest thing.

They had to keep the clown. Clowns are THE scariest thing.

As for the cast, the child actors do a good enough job, although it’s true Heather O’Rourke left some very big (small) shoes to fill.  My favourites though, were paranormal investigator Dr. Powell and TV presenter Carrigan Burke (played by Jane Adams and Jared Harris respectively).  They had good chemistry and offered some welcome light relief.

Unfortunately, Sam Rockwell (who I really like), doesn’t really seem all that interested.  In fact both the parents (Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt) lack the intensity we saw from ma and pa Freeling (Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams) in the original.

Overall, Poltergeist is an ok film to spend 93 minutes with, although it kind of makes me just want to watch the original.

Score: a serviceable 6/10

15 responses to “Poltergeist (2015)

  1. Remakes only work well if it can stand apart from the original instead of being a carbon copy. It’s great to read that the kid actors do a good job, but a bit upset to red that Sam Rockwell didn’t so so good in this. I will check this one out but Im not paying no more then $2 to

    • I love Sam Rockwell and assumed he’d be the one carrying the whole film but his character was under written.

      I’m still not convinced this needed to be remade, but I’m glad it’s decent enough to enjoy (to a degree) in its own right.

      You don’t need to see it at the cinema, you won’t miss anything by waiting for VOD.

  2. I must admit I was very disheartened when I saw the trailer. And I’m not someone who is against remakes, I don’t really care to be honest!

    Anyway, I’ve not seen this so can’t really comment but I was surprised – going by the trailer – there wasn’t more ‘wow factor’ for such a well known film remake. It seemed very generic and on a par with most average spooky films released nowadays. The CGI looked naff as well. But I’m a stickler for CGI sometimes !!!!

    Still, I’ll watch it on DVD/Netflix at some point. I’m glad you say the paranormal investigators have good chemistry and are good characters, that sounds promising! 🙂

    Great review Laura! I like it when people don’t just slag things off.

    (and I really liked the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, loads of people hated that!)

  3. Yeah… people can be snobby about remakes (yeah, I’m totally one of them). 😉 Glad to hear this isn’t TOO bad – I’m sure I’ll check it out at home. I’m ashamed to admit that I enjoyed the Carrie remake somewhat. It was shit & the original is a million times better but, like you said, if you’re gonna watch a remake you just have to do it with an open mind. 🙂

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