I like films.  Actually, I love films.  All kinds.  Almost any genre.  Horror; noir; thriller; sci-fi; fantasy; drama; historical epic; swash-buckler;  classsic; crime and so on.  As a rule, I’m not keen on Westerns or rom-coms, but there are some exceptions and I’ll give most things a go.

My love of films means I watch a lot of them, and of course, some are better than others.  Sometimes something is so good I want everyone to see it, or so bad I want to save people from wasting their time, and here we are. Hopefully I can point out a gem you might have missed, or at least steer you away from some real stinkers.

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    • Wow, thanks that’s so kind of you. I really enjoy writing nonsense about films but I love chatting to all you guys even more. Thanks again, it really is much appreciated.

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