The Adjustment Bureau

Synopsis: Jason Bourne, sorry, Matt Damon is a young, bad-boy politician who meets a ballerina (really) in the gent’s (yes, the gent’s) and decides he’s destined to be with her. The Adjustment Bureau of the title turns out to be, not some sort of secret government agency, but angels (oh dear) tasked with ensuring that we earthly mortals follow “his” plan. And the plan, as far as they’re concerned, does not involve these two being together.

What can I say?  Proof if any was needed, that the reviews quoted on a DVD cover are often less than reliable… it was less “Bourne meets Inception” and more [insert name of any generic rom-com] meets “Highway to Heaven”.  Preachy and dull, I only wanted these characters to get together so it would end and I could get on with my life.  Perhaps the religious bent was an issue for me, or the fact it was presented as an action film when it wasn’t.  Perhaps it was just bad.

Score: 2/10 purely because I like the Bourne films and Matt Damon was in them

Key info
Released: 2011
Running time: 1 hr 46 minutes
Directed by: George Nolfi
Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt

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