The Cry of the Owl

Starring Paddy Considine and Julia Stiles (both of whom I really like, and how often does that ever happen?), Cry of the Owl is a decent enough old school thriller. From the pen of Patricia Highsmith of Ripley fame, the film version (I haven’t read the book) aspires to be something grander than it can ultimately be.  I’m not sure if the 1987 French adaptation is any better, but if the ratings on IMDB are anything to go by, I’d say not.

The story follows the soon-to-be divorced, general all around sad-sack Robert Forrester (Considine doing a very dodgy American accent) as he becomes involved with Jenny Thierolf (Stiles), the quiet and unassuming woman he’s taken to, erm, I suppose you’d call it stalking.

No, I'm not sure what's happening, either.

No, I’m not sure what’s happening, either.

Unfortunately, Considine seems to be concentrating so hard on the terrible accent that he doesn’t so justice to the talents we know he has, but Stiles is good even if her character’s motivations are as mysterious as the utterly mind-boggling ending.

Score: 6.5/10

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