First of all, who wouldn’t want to watch a film called ‘Zombeavers’?  Obviously only someone who was totally insane.  I mean, just look at this…


Err, how brilliant is that?!

You need more convincing, you say?  Well, we join three young women as they arrive at a cabin by a lake, where they try to help one of their number get over a bad boyfriend.  Just to bump up the numbers (you need numbers if you’re going to have any kind of body count) all three boyfriends turn up unannounced and they decide to enjoy a lovely little lakeside mini-break together.


Obligatory bikini shot


Fortunately for us, the lake’s resident beavers have been mutated by a chemical spill and become, erm, zombies.  Zombeavers, if you will.  I’m sorry, but if you aren’t already sold on this concept, I really don’t know how I can help you.

Zombeavers is a tongue in cheek comedy horror that knows exactly how silly it is, and relishes every minute of it.  Just wait until you see what happens to the people who get bitten…

Score: 7/10

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